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Our Methodology

We believe referrals are the #1 driver of growth in the Ultra High Net Worth market.  We believe sales and fundraising teams should NOT spend valuable time on “phantom” prospects they don’t have a referral avenue into. We believe your existing clients, donors and centers of influence are connected to all the qualified prospects you could imagine. We believe your clients and donors want to help, they just don’t want to work too hard to do so.

The Challenge

Most organizations operate on an “outward in” methodology. Their prospect identification typically leads them to prospects they have no relational connection to.

This “outward in” approach is what makes growth in this market so inefficient as it leads to the number one challenge sales and fundraising teams have: “How do I get in front of the prospect?” So, if referrals are the most efficient way to grow, how do you scale, standardize and institutionalize a proactive referral driven process across an organization? 

Our Solution

WealthQuotient defines your target market by delivering a portfolio of accessible prospects (UHNW individuals and corporate) who are directly connected to your organization’s greatest ambassadors (“HUBs”).

We then train teams how to effectively ask for the specific introduction to the prospects that have been identified as well as how to accelerate chemistry and trust once they secure a meeting. 

The Outcome

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  • Efficient access to the right prospects.  Twice the meetings in half the time.  Our methodology systematizes referrals and ensures the right prospects don’t fall through the cracks.  One of the key indicators our methodology has taken root is that the question, “How do I get in front of the prospect?” is eliminated entirely from the organization.
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  • Acceleration of Chemistry and Trust.  At the end of the day, the reason someone does business with you and not your competitor is because they like you and trust you.  Our methodology helps. More meetings is good, higher conversion rates is better.  

WealthQuotient helps organizations build a culture of referrals that empowers them to build meaningful relationships with the broadest number of the right prospects. The training, coaching and toolkit provided by WealthQuotient empowers the implementation of our 5 step methodology:

Filtering your existing clients, donors and other key relationships by our criteria will help you identify your organizations greatest ambassadors and best referral sources. We call them “HUBS” and chances are, you have more of them than you realize.

Identifying your HUBS is a simple but important step in our process. Once you’ve identified your HUBS, you will move on to step 2 in our process and will use your network to fuel your pipeline with qualified prospects you can efficiently access.

Referrals are the number one way to ensure efficient growth and your “HUBS” really are connected to more prospects than you can imagine. What’s more, these are prospects you can efficiently access! Our relational mapping will define the totality of your target market by identifying the qualified prospects directly connected to your HUBS. This represents your lowest hanging fruit and your real prospects.

Strategic Benefits

  • Define Target Market
  • Customized pipeline of prospects for each fundraiser/sales person
  • Geographic clustering of prospects helps guide resource allocation
  • Two types of prospects revealed:
    • UHNW principal
    • Corporate

Let’s make it easy and fun for your HUBS to help you. WealthQuotient provides coaching to teams on how to ask for the introduction to the prospects identified in a way that:

  • Doesn’t eat up relational capital between “HUB” and prospect
  • Deepens a relationship with your “HUB”

Key Principle:

Open ended referral requests are ineffective; this sort of referral request makes your “HUBS” do too much work. You must be specific in your request. Most people want to help you as long as it doesn’t require too much effort.

Now that your HUB has agreed to make specific introductions and you have a clear path to the prospect is when you want to uncover all relevant info about the prospect needed for successful engagement. Too often organizations waste time building profiles before they know if they will have access to the prospect.
The WealthQuotient methodology provides new strategic context and application for prospect intelligence and data providers. We tie research to an inward out methodology instead of an inefficient outward in one.

Sales and Fundraisers often need help translating prospect intelligence into what they say when they get in front of the prospect.

WealthQuotient provides a framework, tools and training that empowers prospect centric engagements that accelerate chemistry and trust.

Sample Framework

  • 1

    What do I have in common with the prospect?

  • 2

    What is the prospect passionate about that has nothing to do with our institution?

  • 3

    Based on 1 & 2 above, what are 3 to 5 really great questions I can ask that I already know the answers to and know how to interject into the conversation?

  • GOAL
    • Creating Coincidences
    • Accelerated chemistry and trust