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Accelerating Access and Trust with the Wealthy

Our referral-driven methodology, coaching and relational mapping transforms how you identify and engage your wealthiest prospects.



Through our relational mapping we deliver a portfolio of qualified prospects and define your accessible target market 



A systematic referral-based approach that empowers sales and fundraising teams to effectively execute on relational mapping 



Our approach redefines the proper metrics and KPI’s and we track ROI for each step in the process

Our Services

Enterprise Engagements

Luxury Brands, financial firms, non-profits and academic institutions alike turn to WealthQuotient to streamline their growth.  We work directly with sales and fundraising teams to accelerate access and trust to the broadest number of accessible wealthy prospects.  Our coaching unifies teams around a common strategy and empowers organizations to scale, institutionalize and systematize referrals ensuring opportunities don’t fall through the cracks.

Individuals & Small business

WealthQuotient University is an eLearning platform that is available for individuals and small businesses to access the same world class coaching we provide to our enterprise clients.  This transformative program will help you take your business to the next level as you learn how to create an ongoing pipeline of wealthy accessible prospects as well as how to turn them into your highest value clients and donors.

Why WealthQuotient?

WealthQuotient challenges the status quo.  No longer will your team waste time and energy trying to get in front of that so-called “prospect”.  Our proven 5 step process will save you time and energy and lead to accelerated growth.  Let us show you the path to your next wealthy client or donor.

Industries We Serve