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Connecting You To Wealth

Engaging the ultra wealthy is challenging and inefficient. WealthQuotient will transform how you identify and engage your wealthiest prospects. We empower organizations with a systematic process that accelerates access, trust and growth.



Education on how the Ultra Affluent think, invest, buy and give; understanding their world and how to relate to it.


Prospect Development

Defining your target market; Delivery of qualified and accessible ultra high net worth prospects.



Methodology that scales and standardizes referrals and increases conversions by accelerating chemistry and trust.

Our Services

Enterprise Engagements

Luxury Brands, Financial Firms, Non Profits and Academic Institutions alike turn to WealthQuotient to scale and systematize a culture of referrals across their organizations.  Pipeline development and relationship cultivation are identical regardless of industry.  Our methodology not only delivers a portfolio of accessible prospects but our coaching helps sales and fundraising teams efficiently access prospects as well as accelerates the formation of chemistry and trust.

Individuals & Small business

The WealthQuotient University was created for individuals and small businesses to access the same world class training and consulting offered to our enterprise clients in a easy to follow e-Learning platform.  This transformative program will help you take your business to the next level as you’ll learn how to create a pipeline of accessible high and ultra high net worth prospects and a process that will turn them into your highest value clients and donors.

Why WealthQuotient?

WealthQuotient challenges the status quo.  No longer will you waste time and energy trying to get in front of that so-called “prospect”.  Our proven 5 step methodology will save you time and energy while accelerating your growth.  We know who your future clients and donors are, do you?

Industries We Serve