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Enterprise Engagements

The WealthQuotient Advantage

The WealthQuotient platform combines our mapping, methodology, and measuring
to accelerate and track success with your wealthiest prospects.


Prospect Identification

WealthQuotient relational mapping literally
defines your target market by identifying
your organizations most accessible and
actionable prospects.


Coaching, Training & Toolkit

WealthQuotient coaching equips your team with the methodology, skills, tools and confidence to properly execute on the prospects that have been delivered. We empower teams to:

Get the Introduction

  • You must ask for the introduction in a way that doesn’t eat up the social capital your HUB has with the prospect and simultaneously deepens a relationship with the HUB.

Increase Close Rate

  • Increase your close rate. Chemistry and trust are the keys to closing the deal. We help teams accelerate the formation of both once a meeting with the prospect has been secured.


KPI Dashboard

There can be quite an incubation period between meeting an ultra affluent prospect and closing the deal. The WealthQuotient methodology and dashboard redefines the proper KPI’s and metrics.


Number of meetings & touchpoints with HUBS (referral sources)


Number of specific referral requests on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis


Number of introductions HUBS agreed to make


Number of meetings with prospects


Number of deals closed


KPI dashboard

View Sample
KPI Dashboard

UHNW Prospect Intelligence Dashboard

Sales Member/ Fundraiser HUBs QP # Referrals # Agreed # Actual Inros #Mtgs
Number 1 10 150 8 6 40 10
Number 2 5 120 6 5 30 8
Number 3 8 130 5 4 35 15
Number 4 6 80 8 6 20 12
Number 5 7 60 11 8 40 18
Invites Attendance
25 20
20 14
15 8
16 9
20 10
  36 540 38 29 165 63
96 61

How does it work?

Sample Rollout Schedule

HUB Call

Virtual call to help client understand how to identify their organizations HUBS


Once the HUBS have been identified, WealthQuotient research team maps out the target market and delivers prospect portfolios

Kick off

Upon completion of the relational mapping, WealthQuotient provides training (typically in person) on the proper execution of the prospect portfolios

Ongoing Coaching & Tracking

Following the kick off training, monthly/quarterly calls are held to provide continued coaching on steps 3 and 5 of the methodology as well as track the progress of KPI’s and ROI

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