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Prospect Identification

Uncover Your UHNW Network

WealthQuotient’s research team manually identifies the qualified prospects directly connected to your existing relationships (Clients, Donors, COI’s, Board Members, etc.).

Referrals are the #1 way to ensure efficient growth and our mapping represents your lowest hanging fruit, leading you to real prospects you can efficiently access.

The Why behind our Relational Mapping?

Accelerate new growth

The most efficient way an organization can gain new loyal clients and donors comes through referrals. The most strategic move an organization can make is to systematically map out their pre-existing relational networks.

Define your market

By mapping out existing relational networks, an organization can define the totality of their target market. Our mapping fuels your pipeline by identifying qualified individuals that you have a path to.

Increased success rates

Asking for an introduction to specific individuals instead of open-ended referral requests will exponentially increase the probability of success and is a foundational piece of scaling referrals across an organization.

Relational mapping process and deliverables:

  • 1

    Identify your “HUBS”

    Each map (Prospect Portfolio) is built around 10 HUBS (Your existing clients, donors, etc.) as identified in Step 1 in our methodology.

  • 2


    Our team manually excavates the relational networks of your HUBS, including their companies, corporate and philanthropic boards, clubs associations and friendships that are visible through open sources.

  • 3


    Financially qualify which people in their networks are billionaires, ultra high net worth and high net worth.

  • 4


    Assess and rank the potential strength of each connection.

  • 5

    Portfolio Delivery

    Each Prospect Portfolio will produce on average between 150-250 warm prospects.


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